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Men's Battery Heated Base Layer

Men's Battery Heated Base Layer

Men's Battery Heated Base Layer


Our cozy heated fleece jacket has three temperature settings and three heating zones. This incredibility soft jacket is heated with high-tech, soft carbon fiber heating elements sewn into the jacket will keep you warm and comfortable when the temperature drops. 

Our versatile jacket can be worn as a fleece Vest too. Simply zip off the sleeves and enjoy a heated fleece Vest.

The rechargeable battery provides up to seven (7) hours of warmth while you're on the slopes, hiking trail or on the sidelines.

Going on a long road trip? Not a problem, our optional 12v Auto Charger plugs into your car's cigarette lighter to charge your jacket's battery while you drive to your outdoor adventure. You can also heat your jacket at the same time that you are charging the jacket's battery.


Charger input:AC100-240V50/60Hz
Charger output:DC8.5V 1000mA
Lithium battery:7.4V 6000mAH
Power:5W MAX.
Rechargeable time:6H
Discharge time:8~24H


● IC control with LED indication and Power saturation of  lithium battery, 5 levels of adjustable.
● On/Off power switch.
● A short circuit protection and no-load protection.
● Using high carbon fiber heating device and configuration 3 fever pieces[ backside].
● Have triple efficacy heating ,insulation, health care.
● High capacity rechargeable lithium battery.
● Comfortable fever effect.
● The coat can removable and easy to clean.

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