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Heated Seats

Heated Seats

we are a manufacturer of Heated Seats. our Heated Seats has a very good quality. our seat heatersfor cars and bcar seat heater switch for carproducts has a good sales.You could buy some car seat heater switch and seat heaters for using.


Model No.:F-I-1 Heated Seats  Round Hi-Lo Switch Seat Heater

1)Heated Seats Material: Carbon Fibre
2)We supplier heaters for OEM.
3)We have a strong design and developing team.
4) Various types for different cars.
5) Heated Seats is High quality and reliable performance.
6) According to customer's requirements to design the seat heater.
7) Caron fibre seat heater generates heating and controls the temperature automatically.
8) Caron fibre has the wavelength of infrared ray that is healthful to human body.

Included in each Seat Heater Kit:

(1)2 heater elements (4 different sizes available)
(2) 1 round dual temp hi/low/off switch
(3) 1 wiring harness
(4) 1 year warranty
(5) All necessary fuses, thermostats, and relays
(6) Instruction Manual


1.Heated Seats works great on cars,trucks,boats,airplanes,farming machines,or constrcution vehicles with small seats
2.universal application fits any vehicle
3.element size 9"*18"
4.Dual lighted switch

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