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How to Install Car Seat Heater?


Four wire role: the red line 1 pick up battery positive; 2 the black line by battery anode; 3 green line meet key gate; 4 the yellow line by night lights line

1, the products used in dc 12 V-24 V voltage car, other voltage range of technical service for my company, please; • heating pad installation should level off, strong, not occurrence drape;

• 2, heating pad of the temperature sensor and protector may not be squeezed, could not be installed to pull muscle;

• 3, for in the wire to ensure that no seat by squeezing or long time and metal components of friction;

• four, please according to the system design requirements will spare parts to the corresponding place, and shall not be installed SiGai any parts;

• 5, this product can only use the parts of the manufacturer offers, add other parts must be under the guidance of the manufacturer;

• 6, the product before installation should avoid tough stuff (such as scratch and crushing forceps);

• 7, seat has airbag sensors vehicles to tear open outfit, should be cautious with reference to the relevant manual according to the requirements; after disassembling

• 8, installation banned laypeople construction.


• warm prompt

 • 1, seat heating system has good health care function, and can improve human body warm tongluo local blood circulation, hemorrhoids, periarthritis of shoulder, lumbar muscle strain soft tissue trauma and arthritis problems have very good soothing effects;

• 2, car seats used for long, can lead to damp, mildewy, bacterium, can be appropriately in ventilated environment heating 15 minutes, ensure that seat dry, increase the service life; seat

• 3, install the new process regularly in the 'DeBang' official website, please promptly consult, our company for the dealer to provide free installation training, technical training, sales training. For details, please contact our technical services;

• 4, the service time: winter, summer 6 X8 hours


• 1: the car seat off move to the car in a clean place, carefully remove keep in mind the order, keep the landed parts.

2: will install respectively the seat of the seat heaters, to depend on the envelope (cloth cover or leather) removed.

3: determine the position of the heating pad and cushions to pull muscle hole position. The heating pad should avoid sponge tire groove sensor

4: the scissors pre-set U hole

5: laid out the correct position, confirm heating

6: will heating pad stickers wax paper off slow off from one end, the side stickup edge jie adhesive paper (a from inside to outside, by a top to bottom) of the leak adhesive in the sea for paving the jail, heating pad, cannot have drape. Heating pad wire from the womb, ready to draw out the cavernous main beam docking.

7: heating pad shop is finished, with spare parts package U nail will face to packaging skinned

8: will seat, check and reducing heating pad wire lead to whether smooth

9: in the dashboard or or armrest according to customers' preferences (around) choose placed the position of switch, it will be removed. Careful observation default switch position space whether meet the switch length

10: choose good position in putting a mouth stick

11: using a drill in open along the edge drilling, stick with wallpaper knife edge, until the neat fit

12: + 12 V long lines of wiring method: will be key to the door closes the key, the distributor or pull out in the dashboard, using a multimeter to 20 V dc voltage shift to select the most thick long frontline (line diameter not less than 4 mm ², key, door shut down a repeat the experiment, there is always open + 12 V voltage) about the screw, the main beam back off the red line parallel among them

13: the key door ON the method of connecting the key in the door in harness, using a multimeter to choose the key ON line (if door stop in position ON a + 12 V voltage, the key to shut down or in other gear without voltage, the selected ON not less than 1.5 mm diameter / ²) will be the main beam fixed in the screw thread red and yellow pillars

14: nocturnal line wiring method: will nocturnal switch open a + 12 V voltage, the nocturnal switching off without voltage. Will nocturnal light line and main line of the yellow line of each skinning 25 mm ² ground by firm, tape binding

15: take the connection mode of wire: look for fixed in the electric car body by iron screw (vehicle body and sheet metal unicom). Take iron screw plastic mat, shall not pressure may not have paint, rust, such as with paint, rust must be clean. Main beam's black take iron wire must use nuts on the fixed in a copper ring screw in the iron

16: will fuse, relays and then plug in easy place fixed heat, attention away from a draught heater; Main beam should avoid throttle connecting rod and drivers easy contact position, ensure running security and safety harness

17: will switch installed in advance to a good switch, the whole system a hole installation ends

18: test: will open the door of the car keys to launch and will open the lamp, nocturnal seat heating system switches to the highest rank, five minutes after testing the seat, by heating is normal or not. Check and heating lamp, nocturnal light is normal or not


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